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Why Should a Seller NOT sell -For Sale By Owner-

  1. Less exposure for marketing the home.
  2. NOT in MLS.
  3. NOT Featured on
  4. NO tracking stats on how many people viewed your home online (Where 97% of buyers are!)
  5. Agents will NOT show the home, unless there is an agreed commission. (You are missing 95% of the market!)
  6. For Sale By Owners usually over price their home.
  7. Buyers feel intimidated and the seller does NOT get correct feedback, because the buyer does not want to “hurt”, the seller’s feelings.
  8. The real estate transaction has changed drastically. The seller could have legal issues.
  9. The seller has to deal with all the calls, showings, day to day activities.
  10. No one to turn to for advice/strategies, unless the seller hires someone.
  11. Normally, a for sale by owner’s home is on the market much longer.
  12. Only 17% of For Sale By Owners, sell their home.
  13. The average list price to sales price for a For Sale By Owner is 87%.
  14. The seller is usually emotionally attached to the home.
  15. A professional REALTOR with experience in negotiating sales contract and positioning their client in the best possible way.
  16. Inspections? What’s normal, what’s required, how to handle all objections of the buyer?
  17. An experienced agent’s days on market are much lower!
  18. An experienced agent list price to sale’s price ratio will be much higher!
  19. The seller will have quite a bit of stress. An agent reduces this stress greatly.
  20. Usually a large team will be working with several buyers at a time! (Our team currently has over 1,000 buyers in our website looking at homes!)
  21. An agent will give honest/objective ideas on how to market, stage, position the home.
  22. An experienced agent understands the mortgage process and the difference between a “TRUE” pre-approval and a “Pre-Qualification”.
  23. Agents can assist in locating vendors, contractors, and other services to help the sale and maximize the seller’s position.
  24. An agent has the experience to guide the seller through the entire transaction and including pre-marketing, pre-inspections, pre-title, survey, loan commitment, and more.
  25. A For Sale By Owner, is trying to “save” money. The buyer always understands that and the first thing they say, since you do NOT have an agent, I want the house for that much less.