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    Thinking About Joining Our Winning Team?

    Are you considering joining RE/MAX Vision?  

    Curious about what it’s REALLY like to work here? Read on!

    The Original Delhougne Team joined the company in 2013-2014.

    John Videmschek –                                     Agent

    “I joined the Matt Dehougne Team in 2014 and haven’t looked back since. With no prior experience or training, I had no idea what to expect. Three years into it, I can attest that I owe my entire SUCCESS to Matt’s vision, knowledge and understanding of the industry. As a team (and personally), we have doubled our sales every year. He is constantly looking to stay ahead of the changes in the market, advertising trends, lead origination, and customer service. Matt ensures that you receive the proper training, support, and tech needs required to succeed in the field.

    We partner with OUTSTANDING vendors and lenders who add to the success of our team. They are accessible and take a personal stake in every transaction. They are truly part of the team’s “family”.

    When you create a work environment that is FUN, and people want to work hard for YOU and achieve THEIR goals, you can honestly say you are doing it right. Matt has been doing it right for a while now and will continue to do so.

    It’s hard work, don’t get me wrong, but you owe it to yourself to see if you have what it takes to be part of this team. “


    Sherrie Stevener-                                         Agent

    “I joined the Matt Delhougne Team in 2013. I was looking for a positive change from police work and to finally do what I have wanted to do for 20 years. Matt and I contacted each other almost simultaneously as he was looking to start a team. I never would have started my real estate career with anyone else. I knew Matt to be honest, aggressive, easy to talk to and ambitious! Still my opinion, today.

    I honestly did not think I would love this career so much nor do so well. NOT COMPLAINING. Our team has grown so much in such a short time and I have met some of the most amazing people. I consider my teammates my 2nd family. Without that connection, we could not catapult to the level we have. We hold each other up and support is huge. What else would you want from a team???

    What I love most about this team is what we stand for, our mission, if you will. Honesty. Integrity. Hard work….SUCCESS.”

    The Delhougne Team Backs the Blue. Here are just a few agents and staff who are former law enforcement professionals. We are a firm supporter of The Backstoppers and St. Louis County Pipes and Drums.

    Jared Werner-                                               Agent

    “I started here in 2014 after a long career in law enforcement. It has been one of the best decisions I have made.  Matt provides great training and leadership. Not only has Matt made a difference within my real estate career he has made a major impact on my life. He has helped me sharpen some life skills that I have but lacked the knowledge to use them to their fullest extent. Matt is a Leader, NOT a Boss. He takes ownership if stuff doesn’t work under his watch and helps correct the problem. There’s no blame game with him. What you see is what you get.”


    Dan Borawski-                                            Agent

    I joined the Delhougne Team at RE/MAX Vision in July of 2016 with no prior real estate experience. Before joining the team, I served in the Marine Corps and worked for Google and Anheuser-Busch. It is fair to say that the companies I worked for in the past were the best at what they do, and that is what attracted me to joining The Delhougne Team. Matt Delhougne made my transition into real estate an easy and enjoyable process. In a short amount of time, I was able to build up a list of clients, learn the business and start closing deals! The leadership, knowledge and resources provided by Matt and his team make this a great place to work. I would highly recommend the Delhougne Team at RE/MAX Vision to anyone that wants to succeed in real estate!”


    Paul Griswold-                                             Agent

    “Prior to joining the Matt Delhougne Team, I was a solo agent for 12 years.  I got started at the end of the last boom at an “old school” real estate company.  I was told to knock on doors, hang flyers on doors and hold open houses.  I was also told to send “mail” announcing my new venture to everyone I knew and develop my “sphere”.  Okay, so the last piece of advice was good, the rest was crap!  I knocked on doors, hung flyers on door knobs, got chased by dogs (and other Realtors!).  Slowly, people I knew started to ask for my help with their real estate needs, but not very many.  My sales were up and my sales were down, never predictable and always at the mercy of a very fickle Sphere of Influence.

    The “flexible” schedule of a Realtor allowed me to care for my elderly parents as well has ferry my fledgling family of 3 kids to daycare, school, scouts, Tae Kwon Do, dance, gymnastics, choir.  But this did not allow the real, in depth focus needed to truly build a successful business with an income I could count on.

    Along came the Team to my RE/MAX office and they were nuts!  Too many leads for them to handle. “Anyone know anyone that can handle extra business” was the call on Facebook. I swallowed my pride and said “me”. I learned what I didn’t know from someone who had only been selling homes for 2 years! (but had already sold more than me in my 12 years!)

    A year and a half later I am so glad I jumped on this rocket ship.  I have an income I can count on, paid off all my credit card debt and managed to buy a new car. All this is thanks to a system Matt provides that constantly puts new, fresh buyers in front of me, and then a stellar back office team to get the transaction across the finish line.  I only have to do the part I love, showing houses, writing offers and cashing checks!”

    Just a few of our agents and our stellar team of Transaction Coordinators.

    Todd Chapman-                                          Agent

    “I have been in real estate for over 15 years with banking and investment real estate.  Once I decided to get my real estate license I started to research the offices I wanted to work with.  There was no other choice than “The Matt Delhougne Team” at RE/MAX Vision.  Matt provides the lead generation, the office structure, and professional vendors to guarantee success as an agent.  Most agents are excellent at selling.  Matt takes away the things that slow an agent down and gives you a path to exceed your goals.  It is the perfect atmosphere to get yourself to the next level and have the freedom to enjoy your success.”


    Toika Collida-                                             Agent

    I have been in real estate for 13 years and most recently worked on a large team in a leadership role for five years.

    I stepped away from my last role because I wanted to get back to what I loved the most about real estate which was working with buyers and sellers and helping them reach their real estate goals.  I could not do that in a position that required me to be in an office behind a desk. I joined this team first because it offered what I was looking for.  A weekly meeting, warm leads touched by the ISA team before I ever speak with them, a good reputation and a track record showing growth and success. Second, this team also has a leader who is present and involved.  Not just a name on the door.The support is incredible. Since joining the team (just a few weeks ago!), I have received several warm leads, spoke to each one of them, have met 80% of them to show homes and within the first week, met one, had her pre approved, wrote and got her under contract for a September closing!  

    For those who think a team is only an avenue for those new to real estate, I wholeheartedly disagree!   I have trained real estate, have my broker’s license, coached other agents, earned awards as an independent agent and I would not choose to be anywhere else!  I know my greatest success is still to come and it will be with this team!

    Our most successful agents come from many different industries including law enforcement, property leasing and the fitness industry.



    Olga Verschoore-                                          Agent

    “Making the switch to the Delhougne Team from another real estate company has made a huge difference in my career.  This team provides a fun and relaxed environment as well as MANY tools for success.  Having access to a team of lead coordinators is one of the biggest factors in retaining both buyers and sellers.  Our ISA team allows buyers to be instantly matched to an agent that best fits their needs, and eliminates the need to waste time “chasing” cold leads.  On the seller end, our ISAs guarantee that any lead inquiring on one of our properties gets an immediate response, thus making our listings sell much more quickly.  Each agent is assigned to a designated transaction coordinator, which is a tremendous benefit that few other companies offer, and having an in-house marketing coordinator makes a world of difference for our listings.  The team also offers plenty of training and support for new agents, as well as great software to help with lead management and accountability.”


    Sharon Weiss-                                                    Transaction Coordinator
    “I entered the real estate field once our kids started elementary school. At that time I joined a smaller, family-owned real estate company where I obtained my license and managed the office.  After spending a little more than eight years with that company, and feeling like there wasn’t any room for personal growth, I left to join a four person team associated with a large national brokerage. That team grew to be a “mega-team” where I was promoted to Director of the Listing Division where I oversaw the daily operations of the listing division and was charged with growing that side of the business. After six years there, I was presented with the opportunity to join RE/MAX Vision.
    I wanted to join an organization that has proven time and time again to be at top of the real estate industry.  This team is changing the way real estate is done and never stops implementing new ideas and ways to bring buyers and sellers together.  Since joining Matt’s team, I have experienced what’s it like to be a part of an explosive team that never stops.  I’ve also been able to master the work/life balance and am able to spend much more quality time with my family due to the systems, models and procedures in place.”


    Sean White-                                                    Agent

    “Prior to real estate, I was in the electronics engineering industry for 17 years. I’ve been a full time Realtor for over 4 years. Before joining the Delhougne Team, I was on another real estate team in St. Louis.

    I decided to join the Delhougne Team because of the culture and the systems that are in place that let me focus on producing and not wasting time on non-productive activities. The support in place on this team is phenomenal. From the time leads come in, the ISA team is great in qualifying them. The marketing team helps agents in procuring and converting leads into clients. Once under contract, the transaction coordinators get everything from contract to close. All of this lets us agents concentrate on producing.  I’m still fairly new on the team and building business, but I’ve already had closings and have several under contract. So far, I’m averaging one accepted contract per week.”

    Our agents are specialists in the geographic areas where they live, work and play. Focus on an area they know well saves drive time and allows for the best service to buyers and sellers.

    Mike Shaw-                                                 Agent

    My background has been in the mortgage lending and real estate business since 2001. Primarily affiliated with Keller Williams during my 10 years in real estate, I was also the Lead Buyer’s Agent and Trainer for a large team in the St. Louis area. In tandem with my real estate career, I also obtained a Master’s Degree in Teaching w/ certification in business education and spent several years in the Fort Zumwalt and Francis Howell Districts. Graduate school and my time in the school systems, unbeknownst to me at the time, opened many doors to further my real estate career. I point to these experiences as having been the catalyst in allowing me to pursue both passions – service to my clients and education for my peers

    I wanted to join a team and an organization at the top. I wanted to be around individuals, leaders and like-minded professionals that had a passion for helping buyers and sellers and the drive to do this at an exceptionally high level. Environments like this inspire and challenge me to be a better agent, man, father and husband. I made the switch to the #1 team in our region because I believed I could help them as well. It made total sense professionally and personally and I’m thrilled to say it has been one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made

    In several short months on the team, I’ve exceeded my total production from 2016 by the end of July. I’m on pace for 75% more transactions, 50% more volume and have been promoted from within to be Team Trainer. Everything that was discussed in my interview that influenced my decision to join the team has been 100% accurate. I feel more fortunate and lucky sometimes, but know it wasn’t any of that. I’ve worked hard and had great support from the entire team, freeing me up to do the tasks I love best. I find greater success, however, in helping others succeed. I subscribe to being a team player and sharing my knowledge as well as learning from others. Individual successes are great, but it’s all of us contributing together that provide additional opportunities to grow even further. I’m honored to have a small part of this and that’s success to me.


    Michelle Bendel-                                         Transaction Coordinator/Vice President of Operations

    “I joined Matt Delhougne in Real Estate on September 4, 2012 before the team was formed.  We were a two-person operation at the time working under the RE/MAX umbrella.

    Matt and I entered 2013 with new goals and inspirations of forming a team toward the middle of that year. By the end of 2013 Matt added 2 brand new agents and 1 experienced agent to creating the beginning of The Matt Delhougne Team.

    Our team has grown to 37 people in 2017 including 25 full time agents and 10 full time support staff. I am so proud to be a part of this team and proud of the agents Matt has added over the years.  Looking back at many of these agents, I am amazed at their growth! Several agents on our team have more than doubled their closed transactions and tripled their income from their first year in real estate. 


    Sarah Claus-                                                 Agent

    “I joined The Delhougne Team after being in the fitness industry and 2 years on the admin side of real estate/property management with another firm. While I was working on the admin side, I knew I loved real estate. However, I felt strongly about being on the sales end. Matt recognized my extroverted personality and felt I would be great. I immediately became an agent. What I like most about this team is the high standards we are held to and the leadership. Matt expects nothing but the best from his team and provides the tools (training and motivation) for each agent to exceed their goals.  Our team is my second family. We are brutally honest, support each other, hard workers, and most of all we are SUCCESSFUL.”

    Trudy Pagano-                                                 Agent

    “Prior to joining RE/MAX Vision The Delhougne Team, I was with another brokerage. I joined The Delhougne Team because I wanted to be a part of something bigger and better. I’ve always loved being on sport teams and assisting others to win. So making the trade up to the #1 MLS Team in the St. Louis area didn’t just make sense, it would be a huge error if I didn’t join.  Every person on this team has the same mindset and that is to win by helping people make their real estate dreams a reality. Any of our team members would be willing to step in and help each other to make sure their clients are 110% happy with their real estate transaction.

    Since joining The Delhougne Team towards in late May 2017, I have had 12 accepted contracts and am on my way to successfully helping 20+ people make their realty dreams a reality before the end of 2017. Being a Realtor for over 9 years now, I thought I knew what it meant to be successful. I thought average meant great…until I joined this team. I now know what great can be and what it actually means in the real estate industry. Being a part of this team, I have learned so much more than I ever thought I could and have the drive and support to close even the most difficult of transactions. I am so excited to be able to do what I do every day and I’ve not said that honestly until joining this team. I can’t describe the gratitude I have for being a part of The Delhougne Team and every one of the members that make it a family.”